Undine, the mythical sea creature, is doomed to the destiny of ill-fated affairs. Spinning on the same spot, half fish, half woman, she moves with the algae. She looses her ground while at the same time being fastened to it. Inspired by Ingeborg Bachmann’s essay “Undine geht” the film illustrates the temptation of surrendering oneself to an impossible love.

Undine, CH 2014, BW, 1:00 min
Premiere 2014 at Shortcuts, Experimental Dance Film Festival in Graz, Austria
Direction, Idea & Concept: Jyri Pasanen & Sara Koller
Camera operator: José del Castello
Music: Julian Sartorius «Lauterbrunnen», Album «Merz: No Compass Will Find Home»
Dancer: Sara Koller
Voice-over: Sara Koller
Postproduction: Jaques Jerien