C’est la faute aux têtards

The inspiration for this performance was an intensive examination of Louise Bourgeois oeuvres and biography. Bourgeois had a lifelong profound aversion towards her father who humiliated her as a child: «I don’t forgive, I don’t forget. This is what nourishes my work.»

C’est la faute aux têtards questions the effect of experiences on us. How do we deal with life? Which role does the past play in the perception of the present and what is the consequence of the knowledge of the present when looking at the past?

Premiere May 22, 2015 at Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio, Switzerland
Idea and concept: Sara Koller
Artistic concept collaboration and artistic direction: Stéphanie Lupo
Parcae: Catharine Cary, Magdalena Osinska, Johanne Haari
Photo: Anna Bausch
Video: Marcin Polar