pfau (3)

pfau (3) is the third part of the pfau trilogy, which is inspired by the jazz standard The Peacocks – A Timeless Place. pfau (1) explores the song musically. Based on this, pfau (2) interprets the song performatively, so that body functions such as the heartbeat or the breath can be explored. Finally, pfau (2) forms the basis for pfau (3) to implement the theme of timeless space and peacocks in dance. The performer likes to experience art as a timeless and universal space that expands endlessly. And the artists are the peacocks that breathe and thrive in it. Nevertheless:
‹Beauty is only an illusion. Here your truth is an intrusion. A mirage is all it’s ever been.› – Last line of the song The Peacocks – A Timeless Place

Choreography: Larbi Namouchi
Photography: Christian Glaus, TRYOUT! by TanzLobby Zürich at Gessnerallee